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Right to Manage


  • If you are having problems with your Landlord or Managing Agent or if you simply want more say in the way in which you run your Building, you can group together with like-minded neighbours and provided there is a majority of owners to join in, you can take over the management, either yourselves or by appointing an Agent to act for you.


  • You will need to set up a Right To Manage (RTM) Company. This is set up in a similar way to a Limited Company and we can assist you in achieving this through our network of legal contacts who specialise in such matters.
  • You will need to invite all the Lessees in the Building to become members of the Company and then you can serve a Notice upon your Landlord to take over the management. There is no money to be paid and your Landlord can only say “No” in certain circumstances.
  • Once you have taken over the Right to Manage, the Landlord can be part of the Company but will have a limited say in what goes on.


  • You will be responsible for all of the day-to-day management of the Building including the collection of service charges, although you can appoint an Agent to do this for you. Your Landlord remains responsible for collecting ground rent, giving permissions and commencing action against Lessees if they are in breach of their Lease covenants.

To learn more about the process, please open the Right To Manage pdf file.