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Property Management Practice

My Home Surveyor is a totally independent consultancy, specialising in all aspects of property management, but with special emphasis on blocks of flats. Because we have no ties with major property corporations or financial institutions, our recommendations are based solely on sound professional investigations and objective assessments. As there is no pressure to make profits for external shareholders, it enables us to provide a complete and cohesive professional service.

The value of having a complete professional management service, integrated with a caring customer approach means that clients can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Direct access to and personal contact with a Chartered Surveyor
  • Competitive and transparent fee structures
  • Greater quality and efficiency in delivery of service
  • Total piece of mind

Our goal of exceeding client’s expectations and paying attention to detail, makes My Home Surveyor an ideal choice for all those needing a professional and caring property management service.

1. Estate Administration

It is essential when dealing with an Estate’s administrative processes (set down by the leases and statute) to have all the necessary information available to review and understand what is required to represent the client effectively and efficiently. Therefore we liaise directly with the client and any previous agents to acquire copies of all relevant information to complete our management services prior to commencement of our contract. We inform the lessees of the new appointment and advise them directly what it is exactly that we have been instructed to deal with. We review with the client the current maintenance and inspection arrangements for the property and provide a written report of any matters that will need to be dealt with before or at the time we take over responsibility for their property’s administration. In this way, our first steps will consolidate their position in dealing with the lessees and the property to ensure that everything runs as efficiently and cost effectively as it can.

We keep detailed estate records for the client including:-

  • Land Registry documentation on Title including Leases, Licences and Deeds of Surrender / Regrant;
  • Licences (e.g. for alterations) and Notices (e.g. for assignments)
  • Building Plans (where available)
  • Rent Review dates;
  • A list of Lessees;
  • Details of “planning” issues, including Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Area details, Listing Building documentation, etc.

2. Financial Administration

In reviewing the previous policies and management documentation, we ensure that our financial records are established as independent to all other clients, with monies held in accordance with our professional body’s accounting and professional rules; all monies being held in a nominated Trust Account to comply with statutory requirements and interest bearing to the benefit of the lessees (in the case of service charges).

We work with the client’s preferred accountancy professionals, providing detailed summaries and analysis of income and expenditure with appropriate balance sheets for annual certification independent of our own auditor’s reporting requirements. In this way, the client and lessees can have faith and trust in the information that they receive.

We keep detailed records for the client including:

  • Copies of the last three years “certified” service charge accounts;
  • Copy budgets;
  • Expenditure and Income schedules;

3. Property Maintenance

Through regular and thorough inspection of the client’s property, we hope to pre-empt the existence of foreseeable repairs and to maintain the buildings in a well kept condition, with quality materials and methods of repair. This is arranged through independent and competent contractors who have met our “selection” criteria, including adequate insurance; know of health & safety; trade or professional qualification; etc. We visit at pre-defined intervals and provide written reports on the inspection we complete which are made available to the client.

We encourage clients to be proactive in their management style including:-

  • Cyclical inspection and reporting;
  • Planned Maintenance;
  • Maintenance of a sufficient reserve / sinking fund for future expenditure;
  • Provision of repairs using quality materials and workmanship.

4. Insurances

Regulated through the RICS Designated Professional Body scheme (authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority) we are regulated in an approved manner. As a matter of course, we competitively tender insurances for our client through independent brokers so that they can be seen to obtain the most competitive terms. We have experience in placing a number of different policies such as:-

  • Property owners (buildings policies);
  • Public liability (specifically important for larger housing estates and public open areas for estate management);
  • Directors and Officers (specifically for Resident Management Companies);
  • Legal Expenses (a unique policy created to protect RMCs from the Legal costs of a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal);
  • Engineering (important for water pump systems and lift installations);
  • Emergency Assistance (a policy to meet the cost of out-of-hours Emergency response);

5. Company secretarial services

We work with our clients and in particular Resident Management Companies, to ensure that their corporations operate effectively and to the benefit of their members and the lessees. Administration of a Limited Company (the most prevalent of entities for RMCs) is a complex and onerous tasks, but with our support this can be less time consuming and worrisome than might otherwise be the case.

  • We issue formal notices for Annual & Extraordinary General Meetings;
  • We can form Companies limited by share or guarantee and specifically are used to liaising with development companies with regard to this matter or new build schemes.
  • We can prepare and issue share or membership certificates and maintain statutory books;
  • We can prepare and file Annual Returns and other Statutory forms, for example registering changes of Directors and/or Company Secretaries with Companies House;