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Management Inspections and Audits

1. Cyclical Site Inspections

Proper and effective block management not only protects the fabric of your Building but by ensuring that the communal areas are maintained, cleaned and secured, etc., it enhances the use and value of the premises significantly. In order to do so, it is essential for regular and thorough inspections of your Building to be completed by a competent person aware of not only the manor in which a property is constructed but how issues such as effective health and safety provisions, use (and misuse) of the premises, insurance of the structure and the legal relationships with interest parties (Landlord, Tenants, Neighbours and the like) will affect your enjoyment of your home.

At My Home Surveyor we make such inspections on a regular basis (usually monthly or quarterly, depending on the client’s instructions) and “publish” our site notes for others to be informed of our findings. Where necessary this is followed up with formal reports, an example of which is given in the link to the left column of this page.

2. Audits

Costs of services, standards of management and maintenance provided by a Landlord (and for which lessees pay by way of a service charge) can be a constant source of irritation and concern when full details of these matters lay outside the scope of the lessee's knowledge and information. It is reasonable for anyone having an interest in leasehold property to wish to know of such arrangements and how their money is being used for such purposes.

The law gives two resolutions to what otherwise might prove to be a difficult situation to obtain this background information being:

  • S84 and Schedule 4 of the Housing Act 1996 -
    a recognised tenant's association's right to appoint a surveyor to advise on service charges; and
  • S76 Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 - to carry out a management audit.

These provisions don't provide a specific remedy to any particular problem but give legal power(s) to access buildings and records for the collection of information.

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