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Expert Witness Representation

The primary role of an expert witness (sometimes referred to as a "skilled witness" in Scotland) is to provide guidance and opinion on matters before the Court / Tribunal in order for them to better understand and appraise the evidence before them.

In doing so it is for the Expert to ensure that his evidence is:

  1. Independent and unbiased
  2. Falls within their expertise, experience and knowledge
  3. Clearly states the main facts and assumptions and does not omit any material issues relevant to the conclusions reached
  4. Impartial and uninfluenced by anyone instructing or paying for the evidence

As competent professionals in the fields of:

  • Landlord & Tenant matters including:
  • Building contract administration
  • Party structures and walls

My Home Surveyor can act for landlords and tenants, employers and contractors, neighbours, etc., in preparing and giving expert statement in the Courts and Tribunals of England & Wales on issues in dispute.

We comply fully with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor’s Practice Statement on such matters as well as The Expert’s Protocol and the Civil Procedures Rules (Part 35).

We understand that our overriding duty is to the Court or Tribunal to whom evidence is given and we will always act:
 -Independently; and
covering all aspects of the case and considering all relevant matters (whether or not they favour our client).